Who/What is DEF Graphics?
DEF graphics is a name I, DEF (Bernie) came up with while spray painting in my garage. I came across the 4th,5th, and 6th letters of the alphabet and added graphics to the end. Thus coining the term DEF graphics. I realized that the DEF part was an abbreviation for the word Definite. So in all DEF graphics really means Definite Graphics.

Why are you referred to as DEF?

Because I am the sole founder of DEF graphics, that and it’s an alias. More so like a nickname. That and it gives me street credibility. Haha, I’m just joking. No honestly I am.

So you’re the sole owner/founder. What exactly do you do?
Well I’m a graphic designer/freelance photographer. I’m currently going to school for Graphic Design and I’ll be getting my BS in Design this winter. As far as photography goes I’ve been trained in black and white traditional photography, and photography has been a passion of mine for over 7 years.

What do you do while you’re not designing?

I blog about designing or I’m designing things for my own personal use. I also like book making and I frequently twitter and respond to those with retweets. I’m usually online keeping up with the flow of things, but besides that whole realm I like doing normal things such as sleeping, eating, hanging out with my friends, and well doing art. I also like doing nerdy things like watch documentaries. Did I fail to mention I wanted to be a vet as a kid?

As a designer, what would you label your style?

I couldn’t really tell you. I’d say Andy Warholesque meets Pop Surrealism. It varies on what I’m doing, though if it makes you feel better I like photo manipulation. My friends have also said my designs are quite minimalistic and my color palette usually stays within 2-3 colors.

Can you backtrack your career up until now?
I can’t give you specific dates, but I can take you throughout the years.
2009: Final year of college. A little scary.
2008: Working on my online presence, connecting and networking.
2007: Slowly starting to get comfortable designing, tried out for a few design contests.
2006: Graduated high school as well as moved into higher education.
(I’ll get back to this later)

Who are your biggest inspirations?
I draw my inspiration from everything, my classmates, images, books, people I socialize with online and offline. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint who has the biggest influence on me to be exact.

Do you have any advice for beginning designers, designers, and gurus?
Yeah, whatever you’re doing make sure you’re having fun. What’s the use in doing something if you’re not?


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3 09 2009
Juliana Swenson

If you like my site’s music shoot me an email and I’ll send you a zip with some mp3s of Brazilian Bossa Nova.

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