Harvesting Creativeness/Inspiration

4 02 2009

Harvesting Creativeness and Inspiration.
Usually I’m plagued with the question of ‘How do you do it?’ Usually stated with another question of ‘How do I do what?’ thus leading into the real question of how I harvest my creativeness and inspiration. To be truthfully honest it’s really quiet simple.

To me, my creative process never stops working. Yes there are times where it feels a little stagnant and I’ve got to prod it with a stick and try and come up with something, but when I do get that lucky strike things just happen. Though I never know exactly when those things are happening. . Which thus leads me to my list of things that I personally do to harvest my creativity/inspiration. So here we go.

1. I usually carry a sketchbook and pen with me.
Really I do, but then again sometimes sketchbooks are quite tedious to lug around especially if you get that strike and you have to pull it out etc. Though small sketchbooks are relatively easy to conceal and they get the point across. I usually doodle ideas or words etc. Which soon leads to other words and doodles and brain mapping and then sparking new ideas that I have to jot down before I forget.

2. If my sketchbook isn’t handy and/or I don’t have anything to carry it in I bring a notepad
Same concept with the idea stated above. I usually just shove them in my pockets and go on my merry way. These are usually ideal when I’m shooting photography and come up with a quick idea to just jot it down that or I’m busy with other things where a normal sketchbook would not suffice for me. – Mind you don’t forget to take it out of your pants pocket or it mind end up destroyed by the local washing machine. Really, it’s happened to me.

3. Collect something.
It could be anything honestly. For instance I have a real bad habit of collecting things I like design wise, such as brochures and magazines and calenders, books are also another good one. I like having them as reference material when I can’t think of anything. Since we are visual people looking at visuals usually helps spark something creatively for myself. Mind you my collecting has upgraded from rocks and seashells, but if that’s your thing I don’t judge.

4. Listen to music.
Art and music go hand in hand like when the dish ran away with the spoon. I usually like setting my itunes on shuffle and going from there, but if you’re like me and listen to any type of genre of music you will come to understand why a minute ago you were listening to ABBA then suddenly Ill Nino starts playing. Usually if I’m trying to design clean looking pieces I’ll listen to peaceful calming music, if I’m designing for something more non-conformist I’ll break out the heavy stuff. Though it always puts me in the mood/zone.

5. Do something other than designing.
I for the life of me can not paint to save my life, though I do rather enjoy water colors and being tactile and making books of that sort of nature. Remember those times when you were a kid and you’d finger paint – yeah you know what I’m talking about, and yes I’m telling you to go finger paint. Seriously once you do it you’ll remember why you had fun doing it when you were a kid. Honestly I find that the key to my success half the time is tapping into that inner child we all have. Yes, some of us have probably shut it out and shut it up, but it’s time to relive certain things. Remember when board games were fun? I know you probably now want to go play monopoly even if it takes forever and somehow someone cheats and they get the boardwalk – but you know something? Least you’re having fun right?

6. Stop being practical and realistic.
Remember that thing called imagination? Remember the crazy things you use to be able to come up with on a whim because you didn’t care what other people thought about it as long as it made you happy? I say screw being realistic when it comes to creativity, who hinders how you create? Clients? Screw clients! (not literally). Creativity is about you and what you like doing, sure clients want something on a whim and what not, but meshing clients and raw creativeness kind of dampens how much potential to creativity you’ve got. Thus this is why keeping a notepad is important when that evil client won’t let you design comfortably, you can always design it for yourself later.

7. Relive a day when you were a kid.
Seriously? Break out the damn crayons on construction paper along with the Elmer’s glue and scissors. You know what I’m talking about, Arts and Crafts. Come on there was a whole Arts and Crafts movement! Who’s to say someone won’t still like making macaroni pictures? Hell I do, that is when I have the time to make pictures.

8. Have fun.
I figured when I’m having fun I’m not really thinking about anything else and I’m not stressed and I’m not trying to pull my hair out. My mind is clear of any stress at that very moment which leads to more creative function etc.

Hopefully those tips have helped you somewhat in trying to harvest your own creativity/inspiration or have lead you to want to play a board game or two. That or make arts and crafts and doodle. Whatever it is I hope you enjoy what you’re doing. Remember if what you love doing isn’t what you love to do anymore then why are you doing it? – Have fun.




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