DEF Graphics: The Person.

28 01 2009
This post is to better understand what I do and well half the reason why I do it. So I guess I’ll give you the basic rundown on what’s happening. Here we go:

Name: The name’s Bernie.

What I do: I’m a Graphic Designer/Freelance Photographer/ Novice Blogger. When I’m not designing I blog about designing and other things. – I know, sort of a question of ‘why’, but I enjoy it endlessly.

What the blog is about: Graphic Design/Designing/Me. (Somewhat).

What’s with the eye logo?: Well I am one of the many graphic designers who hates logo design. Well not so much hate, more so logos and I have a love/hate relationship. I had to redesign my logo for a portfolio class and I was working with a typographic treatment. If you look closely the eye actually says DEF and the eye in itself represents an eye for creativity.

Why do you sign most of your blog posts DEF?:
Because DEF originally came from a day of spray painting in my garage with stencils. DEF is in fact the 4th,5th, and 6th letters of the alphabet. I coined the term DEF to mean definite or definitely then graphics because I am a graphic artist/designer. Thus becoming DEF graphics and more so DEF. DEF is an alias, and if I’m making things I usually sign it with a heart and DEF in the graffiti style. Therefore having it say ‘Love always’ without having to really say it. (I will post the ‘Heart DEF’ I’m talking about shortly).
The infamous heart I sign most art work with.

How long have you been a Graphic Designer?:
I would say that being a Graphic Designer is always a learning process so I can’t really tell you when I became one, because honestly I’ve been working in editing programs since I was around 13/14 in high school. You know, that one kid who would mess around and made things, that was me. Though if you’re asking me when I really got serious about it, I would have to say around my junior/senior year of high school.

Is it true that you use to hate Photoshop?:
Where did you hear that? Yes, unfortunately it’s true. I use to hate Photoshop with an infinite passion. To be honest, I use to be a Paint Shop Pro person, Paint Shop Pro 8 to be exact. My first design software I picked up. I hated Photoshop, but was forced to use it in my photography class when we had to design a portfolio. Now I don’t hate Photoshop, me and Photoshop are two peas in a pod. I’m a Photoshop junkie.

What other programs do you use?:
Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, most of the Adobe Creative Suite. I’m still learning how to use Flash and Dreamweaver though.

Do you have a website?:
If we’re talking on a personal basis with a domain name and everything; No. I’m still trying to figure that whole situation out. Though if we’re talking about a website tht showcases some of my portfolio/design/photography then yes. They’re located on the blog on the right hand side. I’m actually working on a portfolio based website as of late; it’ll be up soon. I still need to work out the kinks in it.

Do you have any advice for beginning designers/design students?:
Some advice? I’d have to say that the computer is just merely a tool in your arsenal. Don’t rely on it to create works of art with a few simple clicks. That and always write down/sketch out (whatever you’re comfortable with) your ideas. It helps build new ideas, that and you can never stop learning, just because you may think you know a lot in photoshop/illustrator etc doesn’t mean you know everything. Strive to be better, but also remember to have fun.




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