What to get the graphic designer in your life.

16 12 2008
With the holidays fast approaching, I’m sure there’s a lot of reasons to want to pull your hair out right this instant, but do not stress, I am here with a list of things that will possibly cut your time in half while trying to search for the perfect gift for the designer in your family. These are sure fire ways to keep your designer happy as well as yourself. So sit back and be relieved.

1. Tap into their amazon wishlist.
Nothing sinks in better than a list that has been already made and conducted with all the things your designer could possibly want. Instead of socks and colored pencils (yes, I’ve gotten both when people didn’t know what to get me) why not know what they’d actually like? Make a new mouse for their laptop, a laptop cover, CS4, etc. Endless possibilities with a simple click, or well asking.

2. Money
If we have to talk bare basics, money is something all designers and everyone else would like to have more of. This again, possibly going towards what we so wish to buy on amazon or any other online store of our choosing. Mind you, a computer is basically strapped to us most of the time, online shopping is just another thing in our arsenal when we don’t have the time to run to the store.

3. Gift brochures/gift cards
We’re artsy type of people, I’m sure certain things pop into your mind when you think of what we enjoy doing. Coffee and reading are a few of my favorite things and I do enjoy hanging out at a bookstore. Why not give them something special with a gift card to barnes and nobles? That or we’re always looking for new music to jam to, itunes is a worthy cause as well.

4. Sketchbooks
It’s one of those things that I never (well, mostly) leave home without. A small simple sketchbook works for me. I like the canson hard cover ones, but a moleskin one is one of choice. This is so we never lose track of ideas or if we’re occasionally bored sitting in the doctor’s office and need to pass time. Small and discrete is nice.

5. A camera
Though some of us have them, they’re possibly the bigger bulkier DSLR cameras. You know, the kinds the professionals use where you have to switch lens all the time? I’m talking about an easy point and shoot ones that are really convenient. There are days where I wish I had just a normal point and shoot instead of having my D50 hang around my neck and cause neck strain. Rechargeable batteries and a memory card will have to come with the package too.

6. Printer/Ink
So some of us usually outsource printing, which is fine. Though for a college designer (and possibly a professional) a printer would be nice. I’m not talking the type of printer that prints only 8x10s. I’m talking ones that print up to about 13×19, such as a Canon Pixma 9000. It’s a little on the pricey side, but your graphic designer will love you for it.

7. Storage
This can come in the form of external harddrives, DVDs, and CDs. Something that can hold up and can save us time when we need to archive things. The bigger in size (1TB vs 160GB) the more effective it’ll have, but as dreaded as it sounds these things crash. Why we would need DVDs and CDs to back them up so in case they did, our valuable files would not be lost.

8. Bookcase/Book Ends
We’re visual people, though sometimes (as with myself) I tend to leave my books laying around, and mysteriously they disappear. I have thus resorted to bookends upon my desk and now I can easily access my design books when I need inspiration. They’re cheap and afforadable and well, I haven’t lost anymore books since I got them.




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