Portfolio Overview.

6 12 2008
Article about a recent portfolio review.

Today marks the day that I go on a voyage of submitting my portfolio to another graphic designer for opinions and feedback. Well, as it may seem, it’s quite intimidating and scary, but also a good way to know what I should work on and what is making me shine out of the competition. I have thus to redesign my own portfolio, since there are still works that are, of course, not designed yet, and designs I should annex out of it. – This is a never ending process of thought, and of course portfolios should always be redefined.

A portfolio should be a representation of yourself. In your best suit, real clean cut and shaven. Not the you that rolls out of bed in the morning who is not clean kept. Portfolios are in the main part about you and no one else. So why not shine at it?

Things your portfolio should showcase:

1. It should show a reflection of design that you can do and design you enjoy doing.

This in fact being that if you enjoy posters your whole portfolio should not be just poster design. Then again it’s also not wise to just put in brochure and corporate design if, in fact, you do like making book jackets, dvd covers, web flyers, etc. Include the professional side of yourself as well as yourself as an artist, there is a balance between the two, but your portfolio is where the two of them can combine.

2. Know the audience of which you wish to show your portfolio to.

It would be ridiculous to show up to a party wearing a costume when everyone is dressed formally, it would also be ridiculous to show corporate business people a design you did for your friend’s heavy metal band. This goes without explaining too much into detail. Know who you want to show your stuff to, and who you want to potentially get a job from.

3. Do not bombard your portfolio with more than 10-15 pieces.
If you’re going corporate, to burst your bubble now, the creative directors are quite busy and at most are going to take a glimpse at your portfolio. They don’t have the time to sit there and glance through 50 million pieces of work that you’ve done for people. At most, put in your best works and polish up the works you want to showcase. Think of your portfolio as possibly a 5 minute representation of yourself. It says a whole lot of words with a few glances, don’t blow it by making it too lengthy. If the client/creative director likes your work, then I’m sure they will ask more of you when you start working for said company.

4. If you’re not serious about it, no one’s going to take you seriously.
Actually spend time refining and making it that much better. Yes I know a portfolio is a representation of yourself, and like yourself it changes all the time. Styles you were so use to creating can always be replaced. It grows as you grow from a student, to a designer, to a professional. Always keep it up to date.

and 5th, but certainly not least:
5. Have fun.
Nothing’s worth doing and/or working for, if you’re not having fun. It’s really more so, working hard and playing hard. Now I’m not saying half ass your portfolio, I’m saying have fun while making/refining it. I’m sure the stressed out cranky people in the world all turned out that way because they worked too hard and didn’t play as hard. There’s potential in everyone, you just got to tap into it. Things are out there, now go out and go have some fun.





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