Bookstores: A place of interest.

5 10 2008
While I had been working on my own visual memoir I was stopped at the thought of how I go to the bookstore quite often and there are many different walks of life contained in one small store. From business people, parents, children, college students, etc. There’s a whole wide range of them, and something I’ve found most interesting is that you can see how ambitious/interesting people are with the books/music/magazines they are currently carrying.

I didn’t really take a huge notice to it, until a couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside of the cafe part of the bookstore and browsing through magazines like I usually do. I don’t normally look up and observe the world around me, but whatever force in me told me to do so. I usually keep a notepad on me if inspiration hits me and random times where I’m not designing, and I couldn’t help but notice there was a woman who had been sitting in front of me with a stack of books and magazines on business, resume writing, and that lot. It struck me as interesting since I had immediately thought “Is she trying to find a job?” “Is she her own business person? or is she going to open up a business soon? If so, what’s the business going to be about” etc. The woman that was sitting with her also had a large stack of magazines, but these were ranging from American crafts, Native American jewelry/art, and so on and so forth. Then there I went away asking questions to myself such as “Is she a collector of these things? What does she find fascinating about it? Does she make these type of things herself?” The more I started to look around me, the more eager I was to ask questions. I figured you could tell a lot from what someone is reading without knowing them.

It says so much without saying much at all. The bookstore is one of my favorite places to gain inspiration, and that experience makes me rethink my surroundings a lot more.




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