30 09 2008
I had a teacher that said that most everyone collects something even if you don’t notice that you really do. As far as I go, I’m good at hording design books, luchador masks, pens, markers, online magazines, and most things designed. (Freebies I usually find).

I also inadvertently horde a bunch of ideas I plan to execute later; though I never really do. Though that’s going to change since I’ve got a week off from school and plan to at least execute a few of those ideas. Those ideas range from photo shoots as well as redesigns of things I’m not quite proud of.

I’ve also got a few ideas I’ll execute (hopefully at least start this week) which include making a book of complied sketches, having a web feature on an artist/designer I personally know as well as works by said designer, that and working on my portfolio. I may even take a few photos here and there.

Speaking of photos (since I don’t particularly want to update my deviantart page one photo at a time) here are some photos I’ve uploaded to my flickr page.

These are some of the photos I was talking about. Anyways I’m off to go execute those ideas before the week is up. Until later.




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