The Art Exhibition was a success.

23 09 2008
I had my exhibition tonight and it was fairly successful. We had gained a lot of traffic throughout the 3 hour showing. The exhibition was on magazines my class as a whole made individually that could be on anything. I’ll have to get to posting magazine entries later though since I’m actually in the last week of finals before I get a week off.

Though I’ve got some new projects underway and I’ll update as much as possible for it,but for now I’m going to have to sign off since I need to get some work done as well as prep for my portfolio class tomorrow.

As I was going through my daily blog readings I found out that Adobe plans to launch CS4. The new CS4 features a wide range of upgrades from their already excellent Creative Suite. Some of the features include being able to edit masks in Photoshop in its own mask window, as well as being able to have art boards in Illustrator, so you’re not hopping around from file to file trying to finish your project. Now you can save multiple files as one file, thus cutting production time in half.

It’s exciting, though expensive. Thank you educational discounts.

Update: Some of the spreads as well as my poster design for my exhibition

This was my poster for my self promotional magazine. The concept behind it was to have the user walk by and wonder why it’s broken, then make the connection with the TVs in the background that say ‘BOOM’ – Also, the whole concept was having two functioning TVs instead a broken TV.




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